Maguire Wagon Vice


As my favourite form of tail vice I have made it my mission to create a wagon vice that matches the aims of my business. This wagon vice has been built with no corners cut as it was designed exclusively for installation in to my workbench however due to the interest received it is now going to be available to purchase for use in your own workbench builds.

‘Made in England’ - I wanted this vice to represent England and its heritage of quality industrial production. The handle combines polished bronze with aged steel; it’s patina is forced by hand so that each vice is individual with a sense of age and long life. Above all I aimed to create a vice that would be addictive to use, touch and turn.

‘Perfect Clamping’ - Tail vices can be notorious for pushing your work up as you try to obtain a grip between bench dogs, leaving you having to faff about knocking the ends back down. This wagon vice has been built with precise tolerances which will simply not allow for lifting, and instead pulls the work down when tightened. Working with such tight tolerances requires materials of the highest quality; teflon
coated bushes run of hardened steel shafts and
the result is super smooth travel!

Maguire Vices are usually made to order so please allow approx 2 - 3 weeks for despatch.

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