Completed Music Stand

by | Mar 20, 2013 | 12 comments

After a couple of coats of tung oil and some clear beeswax here are the finished photos of the music stand as promised. If you haven’t read Richard’s first post on the stand then you can take a look here.

I can always tell when Richard’s enjoying himself because he comes out with a quaint little whistle. I couldn’t begin to tell you what the tune’s supposed to be but I heard it a lot this weekend as Richard got to work building this stand. It wasn’t overly complicated but finishing the oak with tung oil for a lovely warm glow and adding some simple forgings gives a bit of character and the finished piece really has a nice feel of quality.

There were a couple of reasons that we kept the design somewhat simple and chunky. It’s for a local band so needs to be robust enough to withstand a few knocks, and to keep the price realistic it had to be finished within a couple of days. As Richard mentioned he’s going to be building another stand so we can film the processes for a video and we’ll allow a bit more time for that one to make the deign more our own.

Talking about the videos, we will bring you an update on our progress and plans for these over the next week or so. We get a lot of enquiries on these so want to cover some of the main questions. If you’re not sure what I mean then have a read of the post found here.

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About Helen Fisher

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  1. Paul Chapman

    The music stand looks lovely. Robust but elegant.

    • Richard

      Thanks Paul 🙂

  2. grizzman bob

    whistle while you work….i see in my head the seven dwarfs, all happy with there tools, making things…i can see richard taking strokes with his planes in a musical way..maybe the song from snow white…:)

    • Helen

      If it was from Snow White then it was just about the worst version I’ve ever heard 😉

  3. Joel

    i really like it

  4. Paul Rodgers

    I very much like your stand and the ironwork,do you have a local blacksmith? Can I be one of the seven dwarfs..Grumpy.

    • Helen

      Thanks Paul, you might have to contend with Richard for Grumpy… We’ve used a few local blacksmiths at times but since our first dealings with James we’ve stuck despite the distance, there’s a little post about him here

  5. Ron Dennis

    I enjoyed reading about the Oak Music Stand.

    I did have a question about the bread board construction. In the post you wrote “I notched the breadboard ends in to the shelf to avoid years of expansion and contraction of the panel forcing it off.

    I would really like to understand the “notched” technique and how it aids the piece’s longevity.

  6. Peter Jackson

    Looking forward to the video on this – I have a stand half designed myself and liked the look of the angle adjustment you have.

  7. Dolly Miconi

    Helen happy New Years and good cheers! I love this music stand. Are there plans for it?

  8. kari

    hello, I am a high school student, I am interested in re creating this in my wood shop class. Would you be able to donate the measurements for this project?

  9. Segun Obadun

    How much will the music stand cost. I would like to buy one for myself.


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