how to build & weave a Danish Stool

The Danish Stool

… Master your angled joinery & learn to weave.

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These are by far the best woodworking videos I have encountered…

– J Skuce (Testimonial from previous series)

About This Series

An Emphasis On Angled Joinery By Hand

All of the joinery in this project is angled & we go through the steps and thought processes to ensure it is cut strong and accurate.
We also teach the techniques for weaving the seat from scratch.

Step by Step Instruction

We take great pride in breaking things down & explaining the details.
After all, complicated is just a bunch of simple stuff that’s been described too quickly.

PDF Plans

Download the cutting list & plans in either metric or imperial.
We include details for all of the joinery.

Basic Tool Kit

The usual marking & measuring tools.
Joinery Saws. For ripping & crosscutting.
Jack Plane. Different irons are required for roughing & smoothing.
Router Plane (optional). For truing joints.
Chisels. Strong bevel edge for morticing, plus additional for paring joints.
Mallet | Drill (I opted for electric) | Clamps
Bandsaw (optional). Used for ripping rough blanks.

how to build a stool by hand cutting mortice and tenons by hand Weaving the Danish stool

Build A Danish Stool

Price only £35.00

Lifetime access to the full series to stream and / or download.
Includes PDF Plans.

Excellent. Great to hear the thinking and reasoning behind the work. Hand tool instruction like this is much needed.

– Adam B (Testimonial from previous series)

The Danish Stool

The Full Details

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Over 5 hours of video in total.

Chapter One: Intro & Prep

We make a start by blanking out each of our components.
This is an ideal project for using up offcuts as there’s minimal timber needed. We rip our blanks out of a 2″ thick board using a bandsaw & plane them by hand ready for the joinery. This project also suits using 1″ thick material.

hand planing blanks

Chapter Two: Curves & Top Mortices

56 mins.
All of the joinery in this build is angled.
With a variety of angles coming together we have to decide how to arrange the joinery. We start with the curved tops and opt for angled mortices in to these (allowing the counter tenons to be cut straight).

angled mortice on curve

Chapter Three: The Leg Tenons & Joint Fitting

35 mins.
The joints on top of the legs need nice tidy shoulders.
Extra thought is required when finding the shoulder angle for these tenons, as not only are they angled from the floor, but they’re also joining in to a curve. We fine tune the fit for perfect looks and maximum strength.

marking tenon shoulders

Chapter Four: Side Runner Joinery

28 mins.
The side runners introduce the sideways splay.
These are small mortice & tenon joints that will hold the front and back of the stool at the correct angle to each other. They make great practice for working through all of the steps from marking to fettling with speed and accuracy.

sawing angled tenon

Chapter Five: The Rails

53 mins.
These are joined with angled through mortice & tenons.
When it comes to the rails, the various angles built up by the other components can create a bit of a headache. And these are through joints so we’re wanting a lovely tight clean fit. This is where you need to pay attention with your marking and approach, so that the whole piece comes together with precision.

assembling mortice and tenon joints

Chapter Six: Trim, Shape & Glue Up

40 mins.
Some extra tapers and curves bring the stool to life.
We’ve kept things blocky as we’ve focused on the joinery, but now it’s time to add a bit of finesse with some shaping of each of the parts. We can then get glued up and oiled to complete the frame.

shaping with spokeshave

Chapter Seven: Weaving The Seat

62 mins.
We go step-by-step through the weaving process.
Weaving with cord adds huge strength and beauty to a piece, and once you’ve learnt this skill you’ll find it a versatile option to add within many other designs. We explain the process at each step using a Danish paper cord – although almost any other cord could be used for this.

how to weave Danish cord

Build A Danish Stool

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I am not a big fan of posting on the web but I could not resist..

I have learned so much from following your videos… hats off to both of you.

P.S The video production quality, design and presentation are stunning.

Salva R

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