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The Side Table Video Series

You’ll need only one plank & a few basic hand tools.
Learn to cut perfect angled bridle joints, as you build this modern table.



Watch the videos, follow the PDF plans, & build your own modern side table.

This series also includes:

Making a bridle cutting guide system | Creating an ebonised finish.

Watch the intro below


While building this side table, we aim at perfection.

We learn core skills that you’ll develop for use in all of your future woodworking projects, and we take a rather unconventional look at cutting the bridle joint.

We’ve created a bridle guide system, which you’ll build & fettle, allowing you to cut perfect joints, straight off the saw.

After you’ve made the side table, we hope you’ll go on and take the ideas & your new guides, and put them to use in many other woodworking projects.

The side table can be built from one rough sawn board of timber.

(1″ x 9″ x 8′ | 25mm x 230mm x 2.4m)

Superb, I learn so much from your series it’s great.
You cover subjects rarely discussed at length and with a sobering honestly that makes the learning process a joy.
The cinematography and editing is first rate and has a sat in your workshop feel to it.

– Simon H

how to build a side table by hand
pdf plans side table

About This Series

Step by Step Instruction

We take great pride in breaking things down & explaining the details.
After all, complicated is just a bunch of simple stuff that’s been described too quickly.

PDF Plans

Download the cutting list & plans in either metric or imperial.
We include details for the joinery as well as the bridle guides.

Hand Tools Are Modern

Building by hand doesn’t need to be slow, or old fashioned. This modern table is designed to be built efficiently by hand using only a minimal kit of hand tools.


The quality of finish can make or break your hard work with the build. In this series we detail the materials and techniques for creating a stunning ebonised finish on the base.

gluing an oak table top cutting bridle joints by hand Assembling oak table base build a side table by hand

The Side Table & Bridle Guides


Only £26.00

Lifetime access to the full series (5 online Chapters + PDF plans)

It’s great to see hand techniques in film.
If a picture paints a thousand words then a film paints a thousand more – really enjoyed it and looking forward to the next installment.
Yours are a cut above very many others and pragmatic and sensible.

– Richard G

The Side Table & The Bridle Guides

The Full Details

Immediate Access | Watch Online | Stream & Download.

Over 3 hours of detailed video instruction.

Chapter One: Timber Prepping

48 mins.

Prepping rough boards by hand requires technique rather than brute force.
We start by going through my formula for identifying the high spots, removing twist, and flattening your boards by hand.

prep rough board with hand planes

Chapter Two: The Bridle Guides

37 mins.

Perfect bridle joints can be a challenge, and in this table our joints are angled.
We build a guide system that is simple to make and is designed to make perfect joints repeatable & quick. Even if you don’t have a fine joinery saw.

making bridle guides

The Side Table & Bridle Guides



Only £26.00

Lifetime access to the full series (5 online Chapters + PDF plans)

Chapter Three: The Joinery

44 mins.

With our guides complete we move on and cut all of our joinery for the table.
Along with the bridle joints we have an angled halving joint to connect the two trestles.

how to cut bridle joints by hand

Chapter Four: Completing The Build

50 mins.

We’re flattening & finishing up our top panel, before cleaning up the base and planing in all of the moulding details.

Woodworking Projects

Chapter Five: Ebonising & Finish

45 mins.

Creating a lovely deep and consistent ebonised finish requires several stages and a couple of home brewed solutions. We go through all steps in detail as we finish our table.
The ebonising technique works wonderfully on oak, but we use an approach that is also effective on most other timbers.

ebonising table finish

The Side Table & Bridle Guides



Only £26.00

Lifetime access to the full series (5 online Chapters + PDF plans)

I’ve just finished watching the last video and I have to say I couldn’t be happier subscribing to the series.
The information, the skills, the tricks, everything you showed in the series will surely be a great help for me, actually it has already being a great help.
I’m planning to build a few of the tables and trying to sell them where I live (Florianopolis, Brazil).
Contratulations to you and Helen. The quality is superb.

– Mariano D

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I am not a big fan of posting on the web but I could not resist..

I have learned so much from following your videos… hats off to both of you.

P.S The video production quality, design and presentation are stunning.

Salva R

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