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The Industrial Desk

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The Industrial Desk


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These are by far the best woodworking videos I have encountered…

– J Skuce (Testimonial from previous series)

The Industrial Desk

The Full Details

Our Latest Series Is Now Complete.
Almost 5 Hours in total | 7 Chapters.

Chapter One: Prototyping

37 mins.
Get An Insight Into The Design Process.
This series starts with this bonus look at taking the concepts for a design and working through those ideas to reach a practical solution for the build. We consider the appearance, technicalities and practicalities with regards to costs and speed of build.

prototyping for the desk build

Chapter Two: Blanking It Out

31 mins.
We’re preparing all of the timber & getting the top glued up.
Unlike many of our other projects, the design of this desk requires components that are uniform in dimension. A planing machine is by no means essential, but mine hasn’t been used in years so it seemed like a good project to introduce it. We also get a panel glued up ready for the top.

prepping the oak

Chapter Three: Starting The Frame

47 mins.
The legs & rails are connected with bridle joints.
The minimal nature of this design requires a good level of accuracy with the joints to ensure that the frame doesn’t become twisted. Extra care is taken with the marking out of the bridles so that matching components have the exact same dimension between shoulders. The bridles are all cut and fettled to fit.

cutting the bridle joints

Chapter Four: Completing The Frame

45 mins.
Support ribs are connected in with mortice and tenon joints.
This desk design calls for minimal components so that the visual lines are clean and flowing with an essence of bent metal. To create a balance between visual simplicity and strength, sturdy ribs and joined in to the frame creating rigidity, rack resistance and a secure fixing for the top.

gluing the mortice and tenon joints

Chapter Five: The Drawer Pt. 1

49 mins.
Making a start on the full length drawer.
The design of the desk was a continual process throughout the build, & this brought up some particularly interesting questions when it came to the drawer. It is a unique concept that uses the desk’s frame as a bit of a chassis to hang the drawer off. We get our head around the method of running the drawer and make a start on the drawer itself.

cutting half blind dovetails

Chapter Six: The Drawer Pt. 2

36 mins.
We’re completing the drawer frame & building it’s base.
The complexity of having the drawer runners slide through the back of the drawer became nice and straight forward to cut once the design was finalised and understood. Due to it’s large size the drawer is completed with a solid oak base, divided in to two for stability and strength.

building a drawer

Chapter Seven: Bringing It All Together

50 mins.
Attaching the top, hanging the drawer & ebonising to finish!
The frame turned out incredibly strong and stable despite its streamlined appearance. It’s now time to get the drawer hung within the base and tuned up so it slides perfectly. Then it’s all stripped back again ready for the finish. For contrast the frame is ebonised while the top and drawer are given a clear finish. The entire process including ebonsing is demonstrated.

fitting the drawer runnings

The Industrial Desk


Only £35.00

Lifetime access to the full series & PDF plans.

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I am not a big fan of posting on the web but I could not resist..

I have learned so much from following your videos… hats off to both of you.

P.S The video production quality, design and presentation are stunning.

Salva R

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