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Sharpening Edge Tools

Understand the kit, methods & your edges,
to optimise for efficient sharpening & hand tool use.


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An Online Video Series

Sharpening Edge Tools For The Hand Tool Woodworker

Work faster, neater and be in control.

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Sharp tools are the key to working fluently by hand.

And blunt tools are the key to frustration.

But sharpness can’t be considered in isolation.
Being able to get a wonderfully sharp edge isn’t that great if it took you all afternoon to achieve it.

We need our tools to be sharp all of the time.
And we want to make sure that we’re spending most of our time woodworking, not sharpening.

To get the balance right we need to match our sharpening stones to our tools,
choose a method that’s right for our steel type,
and develop a routine that can become a background habit.

When working by hand, the edge of our tool is our main control.

How easily we can slice the fibres.
How smooth we’ll leave a surface.
How deep a chisel will chop.

These are all determined by the edge of our tools.
And small alterations in the angle and shape of those edges have a huge effect on our experience as a hand tool woodworker.

In this series we go beyond learning the methods of creating a sharp edge.

You’ll also learn about optimising cutting angles for various tasks, and understanding & creating cambers on your plane irons.

We cover all aspects of edge tools and start right at the beginning, helping you to choose the right sharpening kit for your tools, and grasping the the basic principles of a sharp edge.

Please Note: This Series covers the sharpening and use of Edge Tools, which includes common bench chisels and planes (including bevel-up / low angle planes).
It does not cover saw sharpening, or detail specialist carving / turning tools.

The whole series is brilliant.
Really goes beyond anything that’s been done before on sharpening and sets a new standard for online woodworking teaching

– Duncan D

primary and secondary bevel
water stones, diamond and oil stones for sharpening

About This Series

From Beginner To Expert

We’ve made no assumptions.
We start out from the basics & advance through to methods & optimisations that are rarely taught elsewhere.

Tailored To You

You need stones & methods that match your choice of tool steel.
Whether you use softer steels such as O1 or the harder steels like A2, we cover an approach to suit & explain why.

Efficiency By Hand

Beyond simply sharpening, this series focuses on an understanding of edges to dramatically improve your pace and success when working by hand.


5 hours of sharpening discussion may sound like a drag, but we aim to keep you engaged so we produce our videos to a high level of production.

learn which sharpening stones and grits to usegrinding the primary bevelsharpening bevel angles and useslearn how to sharpen to work wood by hand

Get Sharp – Sharpening Edge Tools


Only £26.00

Lifetime access to the full series (8 online Videos + Follow Ups)

Seeing Richard’s videos made it clear to me that I have to change my routine.
So I decided to give it a try the very next time in the shop…
…this was my moment of enlightenment. Never ever before did the plane slide so smoothly over the wood.

– Stefan

Get Sharp – Sharpening Hand Tools

The Full Details

Immediate Access | Watch Online | Stream & Download.

Over 5 hours of detailed video education.

Chapter One: Understanding Your Kit

45 mins.

Understand the variety in sharpening kit and make sure you match your stones with your tools. Avoid confusion & set up wisely.

choosing the best sharpening stones for your tools

Chapter Two: The Maguire Method

36 mins.

Learn free hand sharpening tool with an approach that is the reason I always have sharp tools. A method that’s fuss free, swift, no sweat & back to work.
Giving edges that are razor sharp.

how to sharpen free hand

Get Sharp – Sharpening Edge Tools



Only £26.00

Lifetime access to the full series (8 online Videos + Follow Ups)

Chapter Three: Tool Prep & Flat Backs

47 mins.

Are flat backs important? In this chapter we prep an old iron to understand the tolerances needed with our tools.
We learn when flat’s important, & how to get away without it if necessary.

flattening backs on chisels and plane irons

Chapter Four: Harder Steels & Thicker Irons.

60 mins.

My day to day sharpening is perfect for softer high carbon steels.
For modern tools with thick irons and A2 steels I have a different approach.
We go through the whys & the hows.

sharpening a2 and harder steels

Chapter Five: Optimising Your Edges

52 mins.

Not all tasks are equal. We take a detailed look at the reasons we need varied cutting edges, & optimise them for common woodworking tasks.

sharpening angles and bevels

Chapter Six: Perfect Cambers

43 mins.

Hand planing involves everything from fast material removal, to delicate smoothing shavings. Cambering our irons allows us to set up to suit each need. We go through why & how to camber your irons.

sharpening plane iron cambers

Chapter Seven: Guides & The Strop.

35 mins.

For the sake of completeness, we go through the use of sharpening guides in detail. And we also make a new strop.

Chapter Eight: Questions & Answers

26+ mins.

For the final Chapter we went through all of your submitted questions about sharpening and covered the popular ones. This Chapter is in several parts and we add a new response every now and then.

Get Sharp – Sharpening Edge Tools



Only £26.00

Lifetime access to the full series (8 online Videos + Follow Ups)

This has been the most useful series I have ever seen.
The Richard method is so simple yet so effective. I have used it and, I have to add, mastered it since this series started.
My planes and chisels are so sharp they cut your eye balls just looking at them. And, it only takes a minute or two. Amazing.

– David C

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I am not a big fan of posting on the web but I could not resist..

I have learned so much from following your videos… hats off to both of you.

P.S The video production quality, design and presentation are stunning.

Salva R

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