Get Sharp. Sharpening Edge Tools.

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A Series for understanding the kit, methods & your edges,
to optimise for efficient sharpening. 

And more importantly, for efficient woodworking.


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Over Three Hours of Footage In 8 High Quality Videos


“The whole series is brilliant. Really goes beyond anything that’s been done before on sharpening and sets a new standard for online woodworking teaching.” – Duncan D

how to sharpen a hand plane

The Full Series Has 8 Chapters

With Over 5 Hours Quality HD Footage

This Series covers all aspects of sharpening edge tools, from the very principles of sharp, right through to optimising your edge for any given job.


1) Understanding Your Kit

Match your sharpening kit to your tools. Avoid confusion & set up wisely.
Create the ideal sharpening kit for optimal workflow.


2) The Maguire Method

The reason I always have sharp tools. A method that’s fuss free, swift, no sweat & back to work.
Giving edges that are razor sharp.


3) Tool Prep & Flat Backs

Is it important to have flat backs or not? We prep an old iron to understand the tolerances needed with our tools.
Learn when flat’s important, & how to get away without it if necessary.


4) Harder Steels & Thicker Irons

My day to day sharpening is perfect for softer high carbon steels.
For modern tools with thick irons and A2 steels I have a different approach.
We go through the whys & the hows.


5) Optimising your edges

Not all tasks are equal. We take a detailed look at the reasons we need varied edges, & optimise them for common uses, detailing the methods.


6) Perfecting Cambers

Hand planing involves everything from fast material removal, to delicate smoothing shavings. Cambering our irons allows us to set up to suit each need. We go through why we camber, and then detail how we do it.


7) The Final Details

For the sake of completeness, we go through the use of sharpening guides in detail. And we also make a new strop.


8) Responding To Your Questions

The final chapter is a response to the most frequent and interesting questions that you submitted during the Pre-order stage of this Series. The subjects of this chapter will be added shortly.

Please Note: This Series covers the sharpening and use of Edge Tools, which includes common bench chisels and planes (including bevel-up / low angle planes).
It does not cover saw sharpening, or detail specialist carving / turning tools.

Get Sharp. Sharpening Edge Tools.

ONE TIME FEE £26.00 (APPROX. $34.00) All Get Sharp Video Content, with lifetime access.


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(Testimonials From Previous Projects)


“I just wish there was more of this more of the time from The English Woodworker, fantastic lesson. I got a glimpse of some delightful insights there. Simple but brilliant , I will definitely give the spike a go ” – David O


Hi Richard. I’ve just finished watching the last video and I have to say I couldn’t be happier subscribing to the series. The information, the skills, the tricks, everything you showed in the series will surely be a great help for me, actually it has already being a great help. I’m planning to build a few of the tables and trying to sell them where I live (Florianopolis, Brazil). Contratulations to you and Helen. The quality is superb.” – Mariano D


“It’s great to see hand techniques in film – if a picture paints a thousand words then a film paints a thousand more – really enjoyed it and looking forward to the next instalment. Yours are a cut above very many others and pragmatic and sensible. I’ll be having a go at a table myself once I’ve finished my bench” – Richard G


“I am not a big fun of posting on the web but could not resist…
This project is a killer — I have learned so much following your videos. The last episode is a revelation — hats off to both of you.
I am looking forward to reading Helen’s further posts on making paints and, definitely, to your new handy work, Richard.  Thank you very much.
P.S. — The video production quality, design and presentation are stunning.”
– Slava R


“As I’ve come to expect from you guys: a terrific instructional video. Looking forward to more, but first I’ll watch this one a second time to see what I missed. Thanks!” – Frank O


Superb, I learn so much from your subscription series it’s great. You cover subjects rarely discussed at length and with a sobering honestly that makes the learning proces a joy.
The cinematography and editing is first rate and has a sat in your workshop feel to it.
Long may these series continue. Many thanks.– Simon H


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