Learn Hand Tool Woodworking

Learn Hand Tool Woodworking



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Over Three Hours of Footage In 6 High Quality Videos + Bonus Response Content & Plans.


Online Video Education

The Spoon Rack Course teaches the hand tool approach to woodworking as you watch step by step every process required to build this functional project.

Core techniques are taught & you will learn to work  quickly, efficiently & accurately by hand.

The English Woodworker Online Courses provide tuition on hand tool woodworking through detailed videos for streaming & download. As a professional hand tool woodworker Richard’s passion will get you feeling inspired to build, as you become equipped with the knowledge and understanding to tackle projects entirely by hand.

The Spoon Rack Course

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– 6 High Production Episodes
– Over Three Hours of Video
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What You’ll Learn

Hand Thicknessing

Hand Thicknessing

Follow our introduction to hand preparing boards, to true up your pre-planed material and take down the thickness entirely with hand planes.
Hand Cut Dovetails

Hand Cut Dovetails

Dovetails are used for the main carcase joinery. We go slowly through the steps for cutting these joints straight off the saw, and make a test joint before continuing with the project.
Half-Blind Dovetails

Half-Blind Dovetails

The small drawer is constructed with half-blind dovetails at the front. We go step by step through the method for cutting this joint accurately, before building our drawer.
Basic Joinery

Basic Joinery

Rebates (rabbet joints) and housings (dado joints) are cut accurately and quickly to form the basic joinery required to secure the carcase back and shelf.
Shaping And Curves

Shaping And Curves

Throughout the project we use curves and simple mouldings to create elegance and definition. We look at how to get a low cost spoke shave to cut well, and build up mouldings in a variety of methods.
Drawer Fitting

Drawer Fitting

A small drawer needs to fit perfectly to ensure it doesn’t wobble or bind in use. We go slowly through the process for creating a wonderfully smooth running drawer.
Woodworking project plans


The series is accompanied by a full set of working drawings in PDF format. The cutting list and all measurements are provided in both metric and imperial dimensions.
The important joinery details are provided in separate dedicated sheets so they are easy to follow.

Learn Through Entertainment

High quality production
Richard’s down to earth humour
lessons which are as
enjoyable as they are educational

What People Are Saying

  • I give it a hearty thumbs up! If you are new to hand tool work, you could not find a better introduction… If you are an experienced woodworker he takes you back to some fundamentals that can make a marked improvement on the way you work…  I know it has changed my methods at the bench and all for the better.”

    ‘By Hand & Eye’ author George Walker



  • Richard is a great teacher. He’s clearly thought these things through and thought about how to present them to others… the flow of the videos is perfect. You don’t feel like things are rushing by nor do you feel like this thing is droning on. The videos are very clear, beautiful, and totally entertaining. If you haven’t purchased this yet, I highly recommend you do. The value is far beyond the investment.”

    – Joshua Klein, Publisher ‘Mortise & Tenon Magazine’



  • Watching Richard work is an education itself… In just a few videos in Richard’s Spoon Rack series, I have picked up 5 or 6 of these little tricks. If I can borrow a bit of British, I’d say the whole series is simply brilliant.

    – Shannon Rogers ‘Renaissance Woodworker’



  • Forget ‘tricks of the trade’, this IS the trade… This is probably the best ‘ordinary fundamentals of the craft’ instructional video series I have watched, no egotism, no nonsense, just proper knowledgeable instruction at a sensible pace.”

    Matthew Platt ‘Workshop Heaven’



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ONE TIME FEE £26.00 (APPROX. $34.00) All Video Content & Plans


Response Rants

We Respond To Your Questions With Video Rants 

Here’s an extract from our
Hand Prepping Discussion 

– Traversing
– Seating the board
– Iron cambers