the spoon rack hand tool fundamentals

The Spoon Rack

Learn the fundamentals of hand tool woodworking,
and put it in to action with this charming build.


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Watch the videos, learn the skills, & build your own traditional spoon rack.

Includes PDF Plans

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The Spoon Rack Course has been designed as an introduction to the hand tool approach to woodworking.

The project takes you through a large range of fundamental skills, yet requires only a small amount of timber to complete the build.

It’s a great piece for learning, practicing & developing your abilities.

Our education is based on a hand tool only background to woodworking.
This practical approach teaches you to not only work accurately by hand, but quickly and efficiently too.

This project is designed to be completed with minimal and basic hand tools, and you’ll learn core skills that will transfer to all other projects.

Key Techniques Covered In This Project:

– Hand Thicknessing
– Carcase Joinery (rebates / rabbets & housings / dadoes)
– Dovetails (through & half blind)
– Shaping & Curves
– Drawer Fitting

If you are new to hand tool work, you could not find a better introduction…
If you are an experienced woodworker he takes you back to some fundamentals that can make a marked improvement on the way you work… I know it has changed my methods at the bench and all for the better.

George Walker – Author ‘By Hand & Eye’

how to build with hand tools
Pdf plans woodworking project

About This Series

An Introduction To Hand Tools

Many fundamental skills are taught right from the basics, upwards.

PDF Plans

Download the cutting list & plans with both metric & imperial measurements.
We include separate drawings to detail the joinery so you can follow with ease.

Precision & Accuracy

Whilst designed as an introduction, this project is impressive. We focus on teaching how to develop the skills to build by hand with perfect precision.

Bonus Videos

We’ve included a couple of follow up videos with this series that address some of the main questions in greater detail.

building with hand toolshand cut mouldings in pinesawing half blind dovetailsproject built in pine

The Spoon Rack
– Hand Tool Fundamentals


Only £26.00

Lifetime access to the full series (6 online Chapters + PDF plans)

Forget ‘tricks of the trade’, this IS the trade…
This is probably the best ‘ordinary fundamentals of the craft’ instructional video series I have watched, no egotism, no nonsense, just proper knowledgeable instruction at a sensible pace.

Matthew Platt – Workshop Heaven

The Spoon Rack – Video Series

The Full Details

Immediate Access | Watch Online | Stream & Download.

Over 3 hours of detailed video instruction.

Chapter One: Getting Started

27 mins.

We prepare the main carcase & shelf from pre-planed pine boards. This forms a great introduction to hand thicknessing, as there’s a lot of material to remove without the more complex challenges posed when using rough sawn boards.

learn the basics of thicknessing

Chapter Two: Shaping The Sides

31 mins.

We’re taking the carcase sides from simple boards to fully shaped, and complete with all of the rebates / rabbets and housings / dadoes.

Cutting housing joints by hand

The Spoon Rack – Hand Tool Fundamentals


Only £26.00

Lifetime access to the full series (6 online Chapters + PDF plans)

Chapter Three: Dovetailing The Carcase

37 mins.

We begin with a dedicated tutorial on how to cut through dovetails.
After working through slowly with a practice joint, we move and cut the dovetails on our main carcase, before gluing it all together.

how to dovetail by hand

Chapter Four: Mouldings & The Back

32 mins.

We create the mouldings using a combination of basic tools rather than using one complex moulding plane. The back is made up in two parts to add some decorative curves at the top.

building a project by hand

Chapter Five: Half-Blind Dovetails & The Drawer

30 mins.

After sizing the components for our drawer we go through a tutorial on cutting half blind dovetails.
After some practice we can complete the dovetailing and glue up our drawer.

learn to cut half blind dovetails

Chapter Six: Fitting The Drawer & Finish

28 mins.

We carefully work through the stages of drawer fitting, which are important if you want to get a beautiful sliding fit.
After a full clean up and smooth over it’s time to oil our completed Spoon Rack.

learn how to fit a drawer

The Spoon Rack – Hand Tool Fundamentals


Only £26.00

Lifetime access to the full series (6 online Chapters + PDF plans)

Richard is a great teacher.
He’s clearly thought these things through and thought about how to present them to others…
the flow of the videos is perfect. You don’t feel like things are rushing by nor do you feel like this thing is droning on.
The videos are very clear, beautiful, and totally entertaining.
If you haven’t purchased this yet, I highly recommend you do. The value is far beyond the investment.”

Joshua Klein, Publisher ‘Mortise & Tenon Magazine’

Build the Projects. Master Your Hand Tools.

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I am not a big fan of posting on the web but I could not resist..

I have learned so much from following your videos… hats off to both of you.

P.S The video production quality, design and presentation are stunning.

Salva R

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