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The English Workbench in it’s traditional form is well suited to a hand tool only build. Throughout this series we focus on developing core skills with very minimal tools.

By the end you will have both the workbench and the knowledge which together form the ideal platform from which to develop your hand tool woodworking.

The English Woodworker Online Courses provide tuition on hand tool woodworking through detailed videos accessed securely online for streaming & download. As a professional hand tool woodworker Richard’s passion will get you feeling inspired to build, as you become equipped with the knowledge and understanding to tackle projects entirely by hand.

The English Workbench Series

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Simple, Sturdy & Built To Last

This bench is a fast build but to provide maximum education we start out with rough sawn boards and go through the process of preparing these by hand. We also include extra details such as dovetailed lap joints and a sturdy planing brace. If you need speed then you can opt for pre-planed material instead.

The Materials

We recommend that you build this bench in softwood, ours is rough sawn redwood. It’s best to use what is most easily available for your location. Below is a loose overview, further details are provided on the cutting list.

– 6 lengths of 10″ x 2″ or 8″ x 2″ at the length required for your bench
– 4″ x 4″ for the legs (can be laminated from 2″ x 4″ material)
– 1 or 2 lengths of 4″ x 2″




The Tools

We build with minimal and basic hand tools to focus on mastering our skills with this essential kit. And we don’t need a bench to build a bench – we build off a pair of sturdy trestles.

hand tools

What You’ll Learn

This is more than a workbench build. Through the series we’ll cover many tips and tricks for improving your hand tool woodworking. Here are some of the things you’ll find.

Sawing Thick Stock Square

Cut Thick Stock Square

Whilst sawing our legs to length we go through two methods that can be used to saw thick material perfectly square. One is fast, whilst the other is fool proof.
Removing Twist

Removing Twist

We don’t need perfectly prepped boards in order to build neatly, but we do need them to be free of twist. We go through a fuss free method for removing twist by hand.
Hand Planing

Hand Planing

We make lots of shavings through this build and learn processes for flattening large boards and straightening long edges. Finding the high spots is crucial so there’s tips on that too.

Face & Edge Marks

Understanding and using face and edge marks correctly allows us to take short cuts and work quickly, whilst remaining perfectly accurate with our joinery.
Chisel control, splitting and paring

Chisel Control

The dovetail lap joints are cut with a combination of splitting and paring, which forms the perfect exercise for mastering chisel control and learning to read timber grain.
cutting a twin mortice and tenon

Twin Mortice & Tenon

Building the face vice gives us an opportunity to go through the steps for a twin mortice & tenon joint. We cut a through joint and take extra steps to ensure it is nice & neat.

Learn your ideal bench height, length & width

Build the traditional face vice

Learn to Flatten Your Bench Top By Hand

Woodworking project plans


The series is accompanied by a full set of PDF drawings aimed to assist you with building your workbench, regardless of your chosen length, width or height.  The cutting list and all measurements are provided in both metric and imperial dimensions.
The important joinery details are provided in separate dedicated sheets so they are easy to follow.

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    “Richard is great and like no other online. The demonstrations are brilliant and the little tips invaluable making repeat viewings essential. You don’t have to be a woodworker to enjoy The English Woodworker video series but you may want to give it a go afterwards.”

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    “I love this site. So much fun and so much more interesting than the other usual suspects. The quality of the filming and the sound makes it all the more watchable. I especially like how Richard is not so precious about the tools he uses and the techniques such as using an axe to split. Fab.

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    “You have cleared up a lot of questions I have had about workbenches. As you know there are books by the dozen about them. After your series I know I have to build one and get rid of my old bench. You have explained the leveling process very well, there by eliminating most of my worries. I really enjoy your approach of explaing what to do and why. That knowledge makes it all come together. At age 73 I am trying to learn hand tools, I have had no training, and I am learning by reading and now watching videos. I do find it to be an enjoyable process, and derive much pleasure from creating something with my hands. I also do enjoy designing and making something to fill a need. Goodluck, have care to you both.”

    – John Thomas
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    “I never was a TV series addict, but with this English Workbench Series, I’ve hit “reload” on the website a thousand times every Monday morning until I eventually could watch the new episode. The whole thing really is a well-wrought story about passion and craftsmanship, told in chapters – and is utterly wonderfully produced: from the simple things like the warmth of the colors of the setting, the delicate acoustic music, the very beautiful sketches and animations which always serve to clarify, to the eloquence and voice of Richard with a tang of artisan humor and of course: the immense amount of knowledge Richard offers and articulates with such clarity on how to use hand tools for woodworking. There is plenty of material out there in the internet, some also very good, but none combines so many qualities as this series. I guess that was the best investment into my personal education since a couple of years.”

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