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Build A Raw Edge Coffee Table

… an online video series that teaches accuracy and perfection in woodworking by hand.


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Follow step by step as we build this modern, raw edge coffee table.
Learn to build with accuracy & create a refined finish.

All with just a minimal kit of hand tools.

‘The Raw Edge Coffee Table’ is our latest online video series.

This Series also includes PDF plans, so you can follow along as you learn how to build your own coffee table.

Refining Your Skills

We’re building our coffee table using just a minimal kit of basic hand tools.

The modern design of this project calls for an accurate and refined finish, so we’re focusing on working to fine tolerances and not taking short cuts.

Develop Your Abilities With Your Hand Plane:

The project is a true workout for your skills with a hand plane.

Starting out with a big rough lump for the top, we learn to true it up efficiently. Sighting, analysing the board and removing lots of waste with the minimum of effort.

For the base we’re prepping our components to be square, out of twist, and thoroughly matched to one another, to create a seamless flow through all of the lines.

And right up to the end of the build we’re practicing a lot of control with our hand plane, as we’re smoothing over dovetailed key and interlocking knots leaving the whole surface with a glass like finish.

Other Techniques

– Accurately cutting an installing dovetailed keys
– Spoke shaving the raw edges
– Precise angled mortice and tenons
– and many more tips along the way

The Raw Edge Coffee Table – Online Series


Only £35.00

Lifetime access to the full series (All Chapters + PDF plans)

These are by far the best woodworking videos I have encountered…

– J Skuce (Testimonial from previous series)

raw edge coffee table build
building a coffee table by hand

As a not entirely new to woodworking hobbyist I really like Richard and Helen’s refreshing approach…
No nonsense, hand tool pragmatic, simple but beautiful and useful furniture, made not entirely out of hard to get exotic lumber, but with pine with the occasional knot.
Inspiring & fun!

– Jerker K (testimonial from previous series)

Build A Raw Edge Coffee Table

The Full Details

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Over 3 1/2 hours of detailed video instruction.

Chapter One: Flattening The Top

20 mins.

We’re making a start on our table by flattening and truing up our raw edge board.
A wide board like we’re using for our table top is prone to drying with splits and lots of cup and twist. We need to approach the flattening efficiently to achieve the results without any wasted shavings. But we’ll also approach things with care, particularly around the knots and split, so we don’t cause deep tear out and make the job bigger than it needs to be.

flattening a waney edge board with a hand plane

Chapter Two: The Inlays

27 mins.

We’re adding dovetail keys to stabilise the split through our top.
These keys add a distinctive and eye catching touch to the table top, but they’re also providing a function in preventing the split from pulling apart further. We want to make a good clean job of these, so we go through in detail how to prepare the top, make the keys, and cut the mortices for a perfect fit.

coffee table dovetail keys

Chapter Three: Completing The Top

26 mins.

It’s time to square up the ends, clean up the edges & thickness the top.
With a raw edge board like this we’re looking to keep in as much character as possible whilst reaching a level of finesse that’s pleasant to touch. With this board that meant working the raw edges a fair bit with a spokeshave to remove some unsightly worm holes. To thickness the top I work from the underside & go through an approach to get the whole board level & even despite its awkward shape.

hand planning end grain

Chapter Four: Base Design & Prep

33 mins.

We’re designing the base before making a start on the actual build.
We go through the prototyping for a base design, explaining the thought process along the way. Ultimately I’m not happy with the direction of design one, so we go through the reasoning and move on to a design I’m much more excited about. We then get the material prepped ready for the base, being very precise here as this modern design calls for sections that are well matched in width and thickness.

removing twist by hand

Chapter Five: Starting The Joints

15 mins.

We start on the base joinery by chopping the mortices.
These are angled joints so we’re making a quick guide to help us cut the mortices accurately to that angle with ease. We saw the legs to length and using our guide we can move on to chopping our mortices without too much marking out. The mortices are fairly narrow & deep which can be an awkward combination, so we find an approach that will get us to full depth with most ease.

chopping mortices by hand

Chapter Six: Completing The Joints

28 mins.

We’re cutting the tenons to complete our joints for the base.
The angles make these fairly unusual frames to build, and having the joints visible on all sides makes it important to cut everything perfectly neat. This makes for some interesting challenges when marking out and cutting the tenons, so we carefully go through this step by step.

fitting mortice and tenon joints

Chapter Seven: Assembling The Frames

22 mins.

We’re Drawboring Our Joints, Very Carefully.
Since all faces are on show with these joints we’re taking extra steps to fettle the joints to a perfect fit, and drilling through for our pegs with added care. Includes peg making.

assembling an oak table

Chapter Eight: Finishing Up

19 mins.

It’s Time To Smooth, Glue Up & Finish
The build is almost complete so now it’s time to go back over the top and finish it to perfection. This is an exercise in controlled hand planing, working over the knots and dovetail keys leaving no tear out. We give the base a final clean up and are ready to apply the oil.

applying tung oil finish

The Raw Edge Coffee Table – Online Series

Only £35.00

Lifetime access to the full series (All Chapters + PDF plans)

Fantastic insight in to what efficient hand tool woodworking is.
I appreciate the teaching of hand plane prep work and what really matters to the final piece.
This knowledge has increased my prep work ten fold.

– David O (testimonial from previous series)

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I am not a big fan of posting on the web but I could not resist..

I have learned so much from following your videos… hats off to both of you.

P.S The video production quality, design and presentation are stunning.

Salva R

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