A Change Is Good.

by | Aug 5, 2013 | 11 comments

Old workbench

This week I’m on web design duty as we’ve decided to make a few changes to the overall layout of the blog. I wanted to let you know as a warning because if you see any strange goings on on screen it will just be because I’ve played about with something and it isn’t quite behaving.

Change can have a bit of a bad time, especially if you are happy and familiar with the way things work so I’ll just go through what we’re thinking and why we feel that a bit of a change will be a good thing.

The basic functions and simplicity will remain the same, so you can always pop to the home page to see the latest post or catch up with the previous ones easily.

Because our videos are something which we will be doing more and more of we’d like to make an improvement where the videos can be displayed separately to the articles so each is unaffected by the other and it is easy to come along and check our latest video without having to trawl through all of our posts.

We also recognise that for someone new to our blog there’s a lot of old content which is still worth a read but not necessarily that easy to find.  I’ll be looking it to ways to categorise posts better and display the categories more prominently.

After a year and a half of blogging we’ve learnt that this blog is about much more than us two wittering about our goings on. We’ve been overwhelmed at times by the incredible input that you as our readers have put in to comments and this has certainly become an important part of it for us. We’ve often been told how much people enjoy reading not only the posts but through the comments as well since the mixture of knowledge and opinions offers much more than one persons point of view. We really do value this and would like if we can to extend this in someway; perhaps we’ll look at creating a discussion topic each week, could be simple could be in depth, and we’ll encourage you to join in.

Most importantly, if you enjoy our blog as it is and are concerned for anything to change then please don’t worry; you’ll be able to carry on reading along as usual. And if you notice anything odd over the next couple of weeks then I’m sorry… that will be me!


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About Helen Fisher

About Helen Fisher

Helen seeks to explore ways to live with greater joy & sustainability for both ourselves & the planet. Concepts which have led to the launch of her second business We Are Carbon. As the producer of our videos, Helen brings a unique perspective & injects life to our education ensuring it is both a pleasure to watch & easy to follow & learn from. Learn More About Helen & The English Woodworker.


  1. Ken

    Thanks Helen, looks good to me. Good job 🙂

    • Helen

      Thanks Ken 🙂

  2. Mark

    I realy enjoy reading your blogs and the comments. The layout seems prety good to my eyes, but I understand things can always be made better. I especially like the sound of the dedicated area for videos and the archive search. Sometimes change can be a good thing. Change for the sake of change however can be self consuming. You seem to have a handle on it thugh, I look forward to taking a look.

    BTW sounds like we will be making the european woodworking show this year. Might see you there.

    • Helen

      Hi Mark, thanks for that. We have a lot of new ideas for down the line as well so we’re trying to think ahead and incorporate as much of this in to the design at this stage too.

      We’ll look forward to seeing you at the European Show if you can make it next month.

  3. mike murray

    I bet whatever you come up with in changes to your site will be good, better, or best.

    I remember reading one of Richard’s posts on the shop clean up where he said basically if we were going through some of the same shop redo or clean up that you all would like to see a picture. Not his words but that is what I took from it. I responded once to one email and attached a couple pictures. I wasn’t sure if I should have done it like that. Helen, would you let me know if there is a specific email addr. that you would prefer a photo be sent or, if you would rather not have photos sent to you, or?

    • Helen

      Thanks Mike, certainly, we’re always keen to hear your input and photos are very welcome. I’m sorry to hear you’ve sent something which has been missed, the email address would be either Helen or richard@rm-workbenches.co.uk , would that have been what you used?

      • mike murray

        Yes, I believe that was the addr. Don’t worry about it though if it was missed. No big thing.

        Thanks for the information. After I thought about it some I realized that Just providing a link to a picture residing on Photobucket might be better than attachments.
        I know you folks are busy now so I will quit bugging you for a while and leave you to your work.

  4. david Cawthray

    Just keep on doing what you are doing, My view is your heading in the right direction, Its always a pleasure to read some little tip or info regarding anything woodworking,All knowledge is helpful if we use it correctly,
    Love the site and love you guys also

    • Helen

      Thanks David, that’s very encouraging. I hope you’ll continue to enjoy it as we make the changes. Cheers, Helen

  5. Mike Moloney

    Hi Guys, Love what you do. We here in the Colonies (NZ) tend to favour the what happens in the Motherland. Only found your site a few months ago but your approach has touched a cord with me.Keep it up and cannot wait to see how this develop. Kind regards, Mike

    • Helen

      Hi Mike, nice to hear your reading from such a way a way! That’s the beauty of the Internet I suppose. Many thanks, Helen


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