Benches For Christmas

by | Nov 4, 2013 | 6 comments

Little John Workbench

At this time of year it’s quite common for us to receive enquiries for a workbench to be built in time for Christmas and that’s exactly what I found in my inbox this morning. At present our waiting time for new orders is climbing well in to the new year so unfortunately on our larger workbenches we are having to ask you to wait a little longer. We have however allocated a few extra 5′ Little John’s in our latest batch which we will be happy to deliver out with a nice glossy red ribbon and bow.

This run of Little John’s will be started towards the end of this week and the extra benches will be made available for delivery over the coming weeks. The timber has all been prepped already meaning we can’t add further to this batch so if you are keen on a pre-Christmas delivery please let us know as soon as possible.

Following from this we’re planning the next batch to be built in March and we’ve already started taking orders for these. It is only our 5′ version which gets built in these batches so the 6′ ones can be ordered at any time to be built individually.

If you’re observant then you’ve probably noticed that our blog has been a little less active over the past week or so. We have a very good excuse for being distracted; it is making us both somewhat excited and somewhat stressed. We should be able to tell you all about it fairly soon.

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About Helen Fisher

About Helen Fisher

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  1. Jim


    When will you be offering the new leg vise w/ the St. John’s Cross for sale separately?

    • Helen

      Hi Jim, We are just holding off sales until we have our detailed installation instructions completed. This is a very important part of the product and we’ve been held up a little of late but will let you know as soon as they are ready.

  2. Jonathan

    Are you expecting a wee one?

  3. Ian Elley

    Sounds like it may be good news, maybe a miniature bench needed ???

    • Helen

      Hi Ian, and Jonathan, I had a little chuckle at your comments although Richard looked rather concerned! That isn’t quite what we have coming up though I read that last part of my post again and I can see why that might have come to mind!

  4. Iain

    Unless I missed something there have been no updatess for 3 weeks now!
    I hope you guys are OK and just fervently working on that “something special”!


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