Golden Coins

by | May 15, 2013 | 1 comment

After what turned in to an extensive session of building the Little John workbenches we received some lovely feedback, appreciation and photos from our customers as they were being put to work by their new owners. The comments below were sent through to me earlier this week.

Hello Helen,

My ‘Little John’ bench arrived today, it was well wrapped and protected for transit. Once I’d got the bubble-wrap, plywood and polythene off and having checked out the bench thoroughly, I can only say that I am absolutely delighted with it. I am amazed how stable and solid it is, everything about the bench is first class.

I’ve had the timber to build my perfect bench in stock for longer than I care to remember, I realised recently that I was never going to get round to building it, hence my decision to order one from you. Clearly it was a good decision and I have now got my perfect bench!

Having recently agonised on how to sensibly price a commission such that the price was fair to both parties, I have to say that I think the bench is under-priced, yet I appreciate the need to attract customers with a keen price!

Please pass on my thanks and appreciation to Richard and anyone else involved in its making.

Thanks and regards,

John S

We did announce recently that the price of the Little John is set to rise this will be happening this Friday morning – that still gives today and tomorrow to place your small deposit to keep to a ‘bargain’ price. Of course it sound cheesy but it’s always been the positive feedback that’s the golden coins to us – hearing back from happy customers really is priceless!

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About Helen Fisher

About Helen Fisher

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  1. Kris

    I can only second what John S has said, my Little John has already helped me line my workshop, build a nice area in the garage, help floor the nursery for the incoming baby and it has only been here a matter for weeks. It has had full size doors on it which have been planed to size, full size sheets of plywood and it never budged or complained. It is so sturdy and strong it constantly surprises me. Even my father in law was a little shocked by how much it cost (he can be miser lol) but now he sees how good it really is and what it allows me to do, the words from his lips are alway “too the bench” and he is always talking about the little john.

    Thank you very much for a wonderful bench!


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