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by | May 22, 2013 | 5 comments

Since announcing about our online videos at the beginning of the year we’ve been taking advantage of every spare moment we can find to bring our plans together. We’ve kept pretty quiet about them for a while now as we wanted to get our ideas clear and create something concrete to show you rather than just talking on and on about them forever.

The exciting news is that we now have a fair bit of footage to share and we’d like to bring you the first look at ‘The English Woodworker Online Videos’ here next week. There’s a full mix of content that we have planned and we’re going to pick out one from the ‘Tips & Techniques’ hat in a hope that this might entice more people to come along ready to enjoy the project builds that will follow.

Here you can see our ‘film set’ as it started to come together (it was actually my office but I’ve been pushed out to make way for the videos). A few mismatched floor boards and some old unwanted cladding were used to transform the room; it wasn’t elegant but in the spirit of make do and mend it was just the right touch to create a setting for the ensemble of hand tools which now hang from every crevice.
This isn’t a very big space but we had various reasons to set up here as it was easy to manage the sound and lighting. We also loved the idea of it being very down to earth (this room is much smaller than a single garage) but were able to show how it is ample space for hand tool woodworking, and if we didn’t have the filming equipment to worry about there’s also room for a small band saw and planer / thicknesser.

The videos will be varied so we’ll also be nipping to our main workshop from time to time to show how we might speed things up or take a different approach over at some of the machines. We hope that the consistent theme throughout all of the videos will be that ‘down to earth’ feel; this is about doing woodworking for the enjoyment and for making beautiful and practical creations that you can be proud of.

If you’re eager to see what we have to offer then please dont forget to subscribe here or to our RSS feed to stay notified.

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About Helen Fisher

About Helen Fisher

Helen seeks to explore ways to live with greater joy & sustainability for both ourselves & the planet. Concepts which have led to the launch of her second business We Are Carbon. As the producer of our videos, Helen brings a unique perspective & injects life to our education ensuring it is both a pleasure to watch & easy to follow & learn from. Learn More About Helen & The English Woodworker.


  1. Ken

    Great work guys, way to go. 😉

  2. Kieron

    Looking forward to seeing these when they are done.


  3. Paul Chapman

    That’s good news, Helen. Looking forward to seeing the videos.

  4. patrick anderson

    Looking forward to it. I hope the dog will be a full time cast member(he makes me think of Chalky on Rick Stein)!

  5. mihai

    Good beginning : Stars are already in , next (not necessarily) the bench.I’m waiting forward.But take your time : good things are done slowly.


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