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by | Sep 19, 2012 | 1 comment

Following up from yesterday’s post on our cupboard hardware – we’ve had a few emails enquiring about the blacksmith who made the pieces so I felt it would be worth providing a bit of background.

James Kendrew is an apprentice trained blacksmith and so continues the traditions and techniques of this historic craft and his enthusiasm can be felt in the work that he produces. James is down in Devon but work can be commissioned over the phone or email so location isn’t necessarily a problem –

The skill of blacksmithing is definitely alive and well and if you have a good poke around you may even find someone right on your doorstep. Just bear in mind that blacksmithing can cover a very broad array of techniques and skills so if you are considering someone new to you it’s worth taking a look at their previous work to see if its along the lines of what you are looking for. As with any specialised craft don’t forget that fine work takes time so don’t anticipate prices to be the same as anything off the shelf! James’ work is some of the highest quality that I’ve seen and when you have the pieces in your hand you know they’re worth every penny and more. If you have a special piece planned I would have to recommend considering custom hardware, it will add something extra to your work and you’ll be supporting another craft at the same time.

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About Helen Fisher

About Helen Fisher

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  1. Paul Chapman

    Hi Helen,

    It was great to see the hardware made for you by James Kendrew at the European Woodworking Show today. The pieces really were superb.




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