Medieval Cupboard – The Hardware

by | Sep 18, 2012 | 2 comments

We had a lovely surprise today when we found out that the hardware for our cupboard had been completed early. To be honest that’s an understatement, unwrapping each piece was definitely more exciting than Christmas. I was fairly anxious because I knew exactly how I wanted each piece to turn out but had left the blacksmith with some fairly basic drawings, dimensions and an eager speech about how they had to feel just right. I needn’t have worried as he knows exactly what he’s doing which is why I don’t like to be overly specific; he’s the expert after all and I like to have his own interpretation.

Each part was ‘perfectly’ formed with subtle irregularities left by the hand of the maker; this is the kind of thing that I just delight in inspecting. They’re rather humble really and with no glamorous shine they could easily be dismissed but for me they’re wonderful; they already seem to have a story to tell despite being newly made. It’s always a pleasure working with craftsman and this hardware will add a great sense of identity to our little cupboard.

Finding a good blacksmith these days can be difficult but I imagine if there was more call for their skills then that would be different. You can of course buy a great variety of hardware off the shelf but you can’t match the experience of commissioning your own unique work even if it’s just once in a while.

It’s a mad rush for us this week getting ready for the European Woodworking Show but now the hardware’s here we’re very keen to get started on building the cupboard. Hopefully we’ll be sorting through the timber once we get back next week.

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About Helen Fisher

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  1. Howard in Wales


    Go on!

    Give him a plug, names; I’m useless at metal work and that’s some really impressive stuff.


    • Helen

      Ok Howard you’ve twisted my arm! The blacksmiths name is James Kendrew and we can highly recommend him. He’s down in Devon but very good at working from a drawing so can work with him over the phone. There’s a website as well:


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