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by | Apr 2, 2013 | 5 comments

We’re fortunate enough to have our workbenches represented in Italy by a great chap called Gianni. Gianni loves anything to do with wood and is involved in several companies, working hard to promote the use of wood as a material and raise awareness to prevent destruction of the forests that it comes from.

With a taste for all things high quality and woody, Gianni has created a centre for the finest tools, timbers and finishes called which he works on alongside the Wood Culture Association ‘Culturalegno’

We’ve just been sent this photo that Gianni’s created for promotion at the many events he attends in Italy, that’s a pretty impressive book shelf!


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About Helen Fisher

About Helen Fisher

Helen seeks to explore ways to live with greater joy & sustainability for both ourselves & the planet. Concepts which have led to the launch of her second business We Are Carbon. As the producer of our videos, Helen brings a unique perspective & injects life to our education ensuring it is both a pleasure to watch & easy to follow & learn from. Learn More About Helen & The English Woodworker.


  1. Chris Wong


    That is a very cool photo! My bench often looks like that – covered in tools with no place to work.


    • Jim B

      Mine too but not the complete line of LNs!

  2. Kris

    I am very envious of the contents of this bench and I’m not talking about the books! (I own one plane)

  3. Joel

    amazing shelf

  4. David

    I can’t understand how that’s strong enough to hold the books. Amazing.


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