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You won’t find the Queen’s English, or many bright and shiny new tools, but our latest Series is all about creating perfection.
Working wood by hand isn’t about knowing the micro measurements that you’re working to, or even to smooth and flatten every surface that won’t be seen.
But it certainly isn’t an excuse for scruffy joinery either.

We aim for perfection where it counts, and with this series that means cutting straight, tight, and almost invisible bridle joints.
They’re not the easiest joint to get perfect, because so much of it’s on show, but I’ve come up with a system of guides, which we’ll build out of some scrap wood, then fettle to allow us to cut perfect fitting joints straight off the saw. Every time.

We’re building a small side table.

You’ll only need one plank of wood for this – 1″ x 9″ x 8′ / 25mm x 230mm x 2.4m.
So it’s a nice project to build out of hardwood – I’m using oak, but you can go with whatever you prefer.

The Side Table & Bridle Guides

I’ve built quite a few of these tables now, some painted, some finished in oil. But for the Series I wanted to make things a little more interesting, and so we’ll be ebonising the base. We’ll go through all of the stages in detail, and it’s all done with home made brews.



This Series can be purchased today by clicking here.
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Chapter One will go live on 21st July, with a new chapter added weekly.

More Details

You can find more details for this series including the tool list on this page here.
We’ll be adding more info to that page as the Series runs.

13 Responses

  1. Jasper

    LOL “Practice and tea”.
    The plain colours really fit that simple and elegant shape.
    But does the dog care at all?

    • Richard Maguire

      The dog never cared, in fact he’s in the same position, on the same chair, as we speak.

  2. Özgür (Oscar)

    Ha! Just in time, order placed! I’m just about designing and getting ready to build two tables (one study desk, one narrow dining table with live edge) when your new series arrives. I’m looking forward to learn about the joinery for the legs and the tools to cut them with. I’m sure your course will help me tremendously. just as the workbench series has helped me. Thanks a metric ton, Helen and Richard!

  3. Stefan

    You will make my day guys. I’m using bridle joints often but everytime I have some minor issues. So I’m quite curious to see your guide system. And the table design fits pretty much to my preferred design ideas.
    Great! Can’t wait to see the first chapter.
    Finally the time has come.


  4. Martin

    Finally, a proper base for displaying my spoon rack.
    Really looking forward to building along with each episode this time. The stoke is high!

  5. Len A

    Just watched each chapter’s summary video and it looks a great project to get stuck into. Can’t wait for the first chapter release on 21st July.

    Looks set for another great series Richard and Helen.


  6. patrick anderson

    Looking forward to the Richard!

    Nice to see a Japanese saw sneak it’s way onto your bench 😉

  7. Ed T

    I’ve been holding off some (mahogany) picture frames I’d like to use a bridal joints at the corners. Glad I did, now I’ll have some guides to help make them.

  8. Óscar Vázquez Ramió

    Simply astonishing!

    I’m crying over desire. Ten over ten.

    See you soon!


  9. Len A

    By the way Helen – I love the simple three note introduction to the five chapters and the fiddle work at the end of each episode too.



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