Tool Chest Plan & Oval Nails


We now have a plan to go with our clinched tool chest video – click here to download. For this plan we’ve provided an overview of the dimensions I used to give you a good starting point, but if you would like to build something similar then please watch the video as you’ll pick up much more about the construction in there. The plan isn’t overly detailed since it’s intended to be open to your own interpretation; make your chest larger or smaller to suit your needs – it’s really very simple.Clinched Tool Chest Plan

Since publishing the video last week it has come to light that the oval nails I used are pretty much unheard of over in the States. I chose to use these only as a cheap and easy to obtain option so please don’t go out of your way looking for them, that would be besides the point! They’re a form of wire nail which are oval in section right through the length – I find this brilliant for clinching as they bend easily in one direction. I’ve heard that cut nails are very much available in the USA so if you can get hold of these then they’ll work great and may even be preferable.

You can watch the video here.
Click to download the plan.

7 Responses

    • Richard

      Thanks Joe & Danny, great links! You may not have oval nails but you’re spoilt for choice with these. Looking on the Tremont website I see they have clinch – Rose head nails, these look perfect and the button head would add a lovely touch.

  1. Denver George

    Curse you Richard, curse you. What a wonderful chest. An absolute beauty for one who likes nails – and I’m one of those people. I’ll be using rose head square cut nails as they are readily available on this side of the pond.

  2. Michael


    It has been one year and eleven months since you published the video on the tool chest that was born out of necessity and was made from some scabby lengths of pine on a Sunday afternoon. In the video you mention that you might make a saw till and a removable tray for it. I kept checking back on your blog to find a post about how you decided to fit it out, but I haven’t found one. I’m considering making one for myself and I would like to know what you decided to do with yours.