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Little John's at EWS

Little John’s on Display at EWS

After some long weeks building an extended batch of Little John benches we were able to complete an extra two. I’ve now managed to get the finish applied to these so they’re in stock and ready to be despatched from this week. Both workbenches are 5′ long and include our St Peter’s Cross within the leg vice.
Full details of this model can be seen here in our shop and if you’re interested or have any questions then you can contact me either by email or phone:

The painted base seen in the photo was an extra step we took with one of our Little John’s for the EWS last month but we are happy to replicate this for you if you place on order for delivery towards the end of this year – just let me know if you’d like this when placing your order.
I should also have some good news soon about deliveries of these workbenches within America.

Update: At the present time we’re not building any workbenches for sale, however we have many resources on this website that will help guide you with your own workbench build.

Our English Workbench Video Series takes you step by step through a traditional bench build, starting out with a discussion on choosing the ideal dimensions, demonstrations of how to cut the joinery, right through to flattening your workbench top and building the face vice from scratch.

If you’d like us to guide you through your build with detailed videos and PDF plans, then you can find full details for this Workbench Series here.

10 Responses

  1. Jonathan

    I love that painted finish, its invigorating and defies convention!
    Can I ask what brand of paint did you use on that example?
    cheers Jonathan

    • Helen

      Thanks Jonathan, the paint used on that workbench was a Dulux paint designed for use on wooden floors. The colour was mixed up for us and so comes through as a code on the tin rather than a specific name I think.

  2. Bill

    If you don’t mind me asking, and if it isn’t revealing a trade secret, could you or Richard describe what method you use to connect the base to the top?

    BTW, I love the painted base.


    • Helen

      The top sits on stub tenons on top of each leg and these locate it in place and help it to resist moving from side to side. To keep it possible to ‘knock down’ it’s also secured using large lag screws straight through the top in to each leg. If there was no need to dismantle then the tenons could be pegged instead.

  3. ScottV

    I am sure they work just fine with or without paint, which is all that matters to me.

    How much to ship to California? 😉

  4. mike murray

    The painted bench looks very nice indeed. The Little John is, in my opinion, an ideal bench. Small enough to be moved around in the shop easily enough, yet still heavy enough and designed such that they are rock solid. I think it is great too that you now are offering the pinless leg vise and the inset vise on this style bench. A person couldn’t ask for a more handy bench to have in the workshop. Nice work!

  5. barry oborne

    dear helen and richard,
    I was under the impression that all the orle john were sold out. would it be possible to purchase my order ahead of schedule. I was counting on december,but depending on shopping costs could buy earlier. please advise, cheers barry ps no green paint


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