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There’s always something being worked on in the background here and many times this has been some variant of the St Peters Cross. Richard has worked on many of these over the years trying out different sizes and manufacturing techniques and we even have a great big box full of large ones which we nearly brought out and then opted instead to go with our shaft system for our Pin Less Leg vice.

Last year when we  designed Our Little John workbench we realised something important. We have always faced the fact that building a high quality product makes our work expensive and that’s ok. But what we created with Little John was still high quality whilst it was something that would suit a much broader range of woodworkers. The bench is still craftsman built in England from the same quality hardwoods used on our larger benches – the difference came in our approach to the design. We weren’t aiming for the very best money can buy, this time we were looking for the perfect balance; solid and functional design without too many frills.

We’re looking at using this same approach to a new range of vices. We’ll be starting out with a Pin Less Leg vice and moving on from there. These won’t be competing with our existing range but offering something completely new.  We already build the finest so these will be our ‘Simply Quality’ range (or some other fitting name). We’re not talking about a budget range of complex designs built cheaply but not to last. These are designs which focus on simplicity to combine robust performance with a very reasonable price tag, and of course ‘Made In England’.

Update: At the present time we’re not building any workbenches or vices for sale, however we have many resources on this website that will help guide you with your own workbench build.

Our English Workbench Video Series takes you step by step through a traditional bench build, starting out with a discussion on choosing the ideal dimensions, demonstrations of how to cut the joinery, right through to flattening your workbench top and building the face vice from scratch.

If you’d like us to guide you through your build with detailed videos and PDF plans, then you can find full details for this Workbench Series here.

Ne miniture cross components

6 Responses

  1. Ken

    Thanks Helen,
    I look to seeing the results on this one. Much needed me thinks, nice job. 😉

  2. enl

    (from the US)
    we need more built to last, no matter where it is made. A reasonable price tag is a bonus.

    Note that I built my current bench with a lot of cribbing from y’alls designs, especially the Little John. Not of the same quality (I am but an egg…,) but good enough until I need better and can afford it.

  3. Thierry Garreau

    I would like to thank the wonderfull job of Richard, and Helen for this small workbench that is very usefull. I had no place enough for a big one and I believed that I will never have a work bench. But, since I bought this little john I already made a lot of things with it, wood games for my daughter , a small chair, and I work at the present time on a big stair of 3 meters long.
    It´s a real pleasure to work on it, the little john is very steady and very beautifull

  4. Ian Watson

    Hi Richard/Helen,
    It’s good to know that you’re constantly striving to share your skills and knowledge with us all and that you’re aiming to provide an even greater range of quality products. I’m really enjoying using the two vices I bought from you last year.
    I’ve just booked my ticket for Cressing Temple Barns and hope to see you both there. I’d like to pick up a pair of your holdfasts at the show – will you have any with you?


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