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by | Jul 22, 2013 | 3 comments

We’ve now fully booked and have had to close orders for next month’s batch of Little John workbenches. It’s been proving a very popular little bench and after a bit of discussion we’ve decided to commit to a further batch before the end of this year.
Deposits can still be placed through our online shop if you would like to reserve yours early, the follow up batch will be built ready for delivery prior to Christmas (sorry to bring up the ‘C’ word so soon!).

 We’re working on through the heat at the moment to get everything completed ready for the start of next month’s Little John’s so everything is looking to be on schedule. If you’ve placed an order and are eagerly awaiting your new bench then look out for an email over the next week with an update on delivery info.

We’ll be taking the Little John workbench along to the European Woodworking show this September as an opportunity to get a look close up.
Also watch out for a new upgrade which we’ll be adding free of charge… we’re just doing the final testing now before we commit.

Update: At the present time we’re not building any workbenches for sale, however we have many resources on this website that will help guide you with your own workbench build.

Our English Workbench Video Series takes you step by step through a traditional bench build, starting out with a discussion on choosing the ideal dimensions, demonstrations of how to cut the joinery, right through to flattening your workbench top and building the face vice from scratch.

If you’d like us to guide you through your build with detailed videos and PDF plans, then you can find full details for this Workbench Series here.

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About Helen Fisher

About Helen Fisher

Helen seeks to explore ways to live with greater joy & sustainability for both ourselves & the planet. Concepts which have led to the launch of her second business We Are Carbon. As the producer of our videos, Helen brings a unique perspective & injects life to our education ensuring it is both a pleasure to watch & easy to follow & learn from. Learn More About Helen & The English Woodworker.


  1. patrick anderson

    Glad to see that the bench is such a success. You deserve it mate!

  2. Ken

    Way to work Richard / Helen good job 😉

    • Helen

      Thanks Patrick, Ken. Got a very busy month ahead!


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