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Aleksander has done a fantastic job of building his English Workbench.

Aleksander has done a fantastic job of building his English Workbench.

Since our first fuzzy sounding project videos that we made for Youtube a few years ago, we’ve enjoyed receiving photos of clinched together chests and small cupboards with all manner of door styles. The best part of course is always the story that’s written out alongside.
Introducing Premium videos has meant a nice move away from that awful sound quality, and a new influx of photos for us to enjoy, along with the ability to see builds in process when they’re shared with us on social media – which is great so please keep them coming.

We’re always listening out for feedback as well, and will take on board all that we can. Some of your suggestions have included more detailed archiving of the content so it’s easier to find something specific at a glance, and adding on screen conversions for measurements. These are two that we should be able to introduce for the next Series, which isn’t far off now.

members project galleryAlong with photos and feedback we’re always keen to read through your thoughts on the Series themselves, good or bad. We enjoyed this recent review by Bob Easton, who’s also given us some great advice coming from a more experienced business side of things, which we’re certainly very grateful for. Bob built a Spoon Rack to store his sandpaper in, and it’s worth taking a look just to admire the carvings.

I’ve finally added a Member’s Gallery over on our other site, so if you have a Spoon rack or indeed a sandpaper rack of your own then please head over and submit a photo or two.

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  1. Ben revill

    Hi Richard I have just bought a stanly no 78 filister plane but I fined I get blocked up easy with the shaving am I setting the plane up wrong or is is just a poor model of filister plane many thanks Ben revill

  2. Michael J Dickson

    Known as a rebate plane; I’v had mine around 40 years, some woods easily block up the throat even though the plane has only one side, the shavings curl-up in this area.

    You can try taking; short fast cuts, thicker cuts, longer cuts to see how it performs, you can expect to spend time clearing the throat, it’s normal.

    Keep calm and be patient; you will learn to get the best out of your tools.

  3. Jim

    I think the pictures of the Members’ Spoon Racks and Workbenches are an excellent idea! Well done to those who’ve given it a go.

    (Apostrophe position hint. Sorry, but it’s important)


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