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Follow Step-by-Step with our New Video Build

Our latest series is ready to go, and this time we’re building a sideboard with a bit of a retro feel.

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The Sideboard Design

This piece has been designed for display, so we’re putting as much attention on the inside as on the out. 

With its retro design the sideboard has very clean lines, and it’s brought to life through the mixed use of timbers and finishes.

It’s a practical size, and very easy to adapt to suit your own dimensions if desired.

The use of both softwood and hardwood was deliberate.
The pine allows speed for the bulk of the build.
And I’ve opted for oak for the details. This gives strength where needed, together with a beautiful finish – particularly having those book-matched panels in the back.

oak frame and panel back

What You’ll Need

A basic set of hand tools will get you through this build.

However this is quite an involved piece of furniture, and so I’ve opted to use some of the more specialist planes during the build.
These aren’t essential, but give a nice increase in pace.

I’ve also made use of the bandsaw. This is only for rough rips when prepping the timber to be used.

We’ll be posting further details on both the tool kit and cutting list for this sideboard so check back HERE for updates.

build a sideboard with hand tools


There’s a lot going on with this sideboard and we show all of the steps it takes from start to finish.

Due to the length of the build, we’ve put less of an emphasis on detailing the very basic techniques (such as board flattening, marking accurately and sawing square).

The main focus is on the techniques specific to this build with include:

– Dovetailing
– Housings
– Frame & Panel
– Bridle Joints
– Wedged Mortice & Tenon
– Hanging Double Doors.

sideboard with glazed doorsThe Video Series

We look set to bring the full build out through eight video chapters.

Chapter One will be live on Friday 20th December.
Followed by a new video each week to stream and/or download.

A cutting list and full PDF plans are also included.

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Increasing to £35.00 (approx. $46.00)
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For further details about this series take a look HERE

Not familiar with our Videos?

We make online courses that provide tuition on hand tool woodworking.
The detailed videos can be both streamed and downloaded.

As a professional hand tool woodworker, we aim to get you feeling inspired to build, and equipped with the knowledge to tackle projects entirely by hand.

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About Richard Maguire

About Richard Maguire

As a professional hand tool woodworker, Richard found hand tools to be the far more efficient solution for a one man workshop. Richard runs 'The English Woodworker' as an online resource and video education for those looking for a fuss free approach to building fine furniture by hand. Learn More About Richard & The English Woodworker.


  1. Miikka

    Looking good as usual, Richard!

    You seem to prefer that red colour. Has the stain/paint been made by Helen? I recall she was making paints at some point.

  2. Len A

    Richard and Helen

    Can’t wait until the 20th arrives.

    Happy Christmas


  3. Stuart

    Back in the saddle!

  4. Ian

    You just made my xmas 🙂
    I hope that massive plane isn’t essential!

  5. Paul Cunningham

    Liking the unfussy design. Looking forward to the build.

  6. Steve P

    Looks great, but beyond my current skills. Need to work on some of the easier projects still.

    • Joe Werner

      Yeah, me too. I just built (ok, still building, at least painting) a bench for our dining room based on the English workbench. Seems to work out so far, let’s hope that 1) the paint dries quickly enough so we can use it during our Christmas family get together and 2) my wife likes it. At least my son thinks it is cool, He helped with the glue up and nailing the top on. He now wants a work bench (he is 3 – for his 3rd birthday he got tools: a hammer, a pull saw, eggbeater drill, awl, clamps, and wood to build a Japanese tool chest[*])

      [*] yes, I am really proud and incredibly happy!

  7. Michael Eleftheriou

    Very sexy, indeed.
    (the sideboard, obviously…)

  8. Greg Sarsons

    Very nice looking sideboard. Will your next build be a matching retro lower cabinet for this sideboard to sit on top?

  9. Cesar O.

    Pre-ordered already. Right on time for Xmas. Looking forward for the 20th. There is always so much to learn in these videos!

  10. Steven

    This looks fantastic Richard!
    A proper challenge an all , lm all pre ordered and will be ready and waiting with me Packet of bourbons and a pot of tea 😋😀
    I think I’ll binge watch the rest of the series
    Just to get me ready !
    Can’t wait 👍

  11. Frederik

    Hi Richard,

    Will you be covering the making of that beautiful red paint in this series?

    Looking forward to learn a lot again.

  12. WUESM

    Hi Richard

    What a pleasure, a gift for myself at the right time.

    Thanks to both of you and happy days.

  13. Telzxz

    That is absolutely wonderful. A thing of true beauty and quality!


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