Are We Old Fashioned? – Online Series Now On DVD

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It feels a bit awkward when a customer asks you when their DVD will arrive and you haven’t got one for them.

This has happened to us a few times just though the misunderstanding that the Series they’ve bought is provided online.

But all the streaming and downloading can certainly seem a bit technical at times, and it’s been a common request for our content to actually be made available on DVD.

So we’ve put this in to action.

woodworking by hand dvds

Our first DVD Box Set is now available for delivery. Find full details for this here.

DVDs Now Available

Technology wise it might sound like we’re stepping in to the dark ages, though you can’t beat the simplicity of sticking a disc in and pressing play.
No need to watch the loading circle dance round and round.

If you’re unsure about the whole online experience, or just don’t have the internet to deal with hours of content provided that way, then we’re pleased to say we’ve finally listened and our first box set is now ready to send out.

woodworking DVD box set

Build A Hall Table – Box Set

We’re doing this one series at a time and ‘Build A Hall Table’ is the first one to be available – we now have them in hand and ready to ship straight away.

Since there’s over 6 1/2 hours of content, it’s been put out on to three discs.

If you’re going to have something physical then it might as well feel good in the hand so they’re packaged up in to a nice little box.

The discs include the PDF plans (in both metric & imperial) which you can print off if you pop the disc in to your PC.

hall table dvd box set

These will play on DVD players worldwide.

We’ve made a big batch of these and I’m not sure if we’ll be looking to follow up with any more in the future, so if you’re keen this may be a one time thing (depending on the interest).

You can place an order using the links below

Or find more details about the Series itself by checking out this page here.

£44.00 (approx. $57.00) – includes worldwide delivery & VAT where applicable.

Checkout with secure card payment:

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OR checkout with Paypal

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By making a purchase you agree to our terms and conditions

And you can watch the introduction for this Series below.

[vimeo 242098375]


Of course this series is still available online if you prefer to stream or download.

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About Richard Maguire

About Richard Maguire

As a professional hand tool woodworker, Richard found hand tools to be the far more efficient solution for a one man workshop. Richard runs 'The English Woodworker' as an online resource and video education for those looking for a fuss free approach to building fine furniture by hand. Learn More About Richard & The English Woodworker.


  1. Ethan Sincox

    I’ll readily admit I’m not usually one for new technologies. But I have two of your series purchased (sharpening and the coffee table) and I love having access to watch them at any point – from my ipad on the sofa, from my tv, from my phone, on my lunch break, or whenever! The production quality of everything I’ve watched so far is top notch and I love listening to Richard’s voice and his lyrical British slang. His voice is very… warm. And comforting, somehow.

    Anyway… I think I’ll be picking up something else soon. Looking forward to it.



  2. Neal

    I’m all for this option, however, the problem is, DVD/CD discs are going the way of “floppy discs”. (Remember them?) There should be a USB Flash Drive option. (I wonder how long before those become obsolete?)

    • Richard Maguire

      Thanks Neal, We’ve given some consideration to the USB option and are happy to look in to this if there is a call for it. I think we’re at a time technology wise where any physical media is certainly on the way out, but there’s a little interim while fast internet speeds and accessibility become something that everyone can depend upon.

  3. Christopher Johnston

    The problem is flash /thumb drives are way too expensive for the lenth od movies . I think DVD’s are a good idea. It is always handy to play a DVD if you are not on the internet . Don’t forget usb dvd players are only $15 CAD on Amazon.I have found over the years that people forget where on the computer they put downloads or worse WHAT their name is . You never know if the business or server will go down either ,that is one reason why HARD copies are more reliable .

  4. Patrick M

    You made my day. I prefer this to streaming as my internet connection can be a challenge and I’m old school. So, please count this post as a person who is very interested but I may not be purchasing right away. I’ve had a lot of unexpected expenses pop up. Everything seemed to break at the same time.

  5. Andy Kevill

    Have you thought about eventually doing a book of the projects which you offer online? A book would be the perfect enhancement to the video and vice versa. As all the pictures would be already available the books could go heavy on line drawings and summaries of advice, dos and don’t etc. (I’m thinking of something along the lines of the Hayward books which the Lost Art Press recently put out.) A book of about 20 projects (once you’ve released that many) would be a fine thing in my opinion.

    • Richard Maguire

      Thanks Andy, we really appreciate the suggestion. A book or two is certainly within our plans and we do have a few bits in the pipeline in this regard – timelines are unknown since it’s a new process to us but we will keep you posted.

  6. Meikel

    I’m happy with the download option. I download once, watch maaaaany times. Streaming this many gigabytes around the globe doesn’t make much sense to me. Even if the connections were decent. If the download option was not available, I’d prefer DVDs over streaming!

  7. Joe W

    Yeah, big batches of disks. My little medieval music group once recorded a proper CD, with all the official paperwork and registrations. A proper, pressed CD. 1000 of those cost little more than 300. Setting up the machine is the biggest cost.

    Not sure if I’ll get this one. I would probably buy the sharpening series, and I have a friend whom I would give the workbench one as a present.

  8. Carla Schroder

    Dear Richard, making this course available on DVD is awesome sauce. Now, I must scold you. You MUST stop using your hands as hammers. You do this over and over again in your videos. If your hands aren’t already hurting and messed up from doing this they will be. I know, it takes a few nanoseconds longer to grab a hammer, a stick, an old boot, whatever. Believe me, those are nanoseconds well spent!

  9. Steve

    What region is this encoded in? I am guessing region 2 since UK? Or are they multi region?

    • Richard Maguire

      Hi Steve, The DVDs are multi-region and should play around the globe.

  10. Patrick M.

    Wishful thinking: side table as 2nd release.


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